Extraordinary determination, courage, and resoluteness in the face of adversity. An action mindset which enables individuals to reach beyond their present limitations, take action against all odds and transform barriers into frontiers. An integral element of Finnish culture and also a universal capacity which we all share.

- Pronunciation [si-su]


SISU 24 Ultra CA

In Monrovia, CA, at Camp Trask, we started running for 24 hours, performing various bonus objectives, and having fun with our families and friends. Fast-forward to today and we're continuing that tradition.

Join us for the original SISU 24 Ultra.

Next Event: July 6th - July 7th 2024.

Breakdown of formats:

  • 100 Miler
  • 24-hour race (individual)
  • 31k Night Run
  • 20k Morning Run
  • SISU Challenge (take on both the night run and morning run).


40+ Hour Endurance Event.

That's all you need to know.

Team Expedition
-First Ever -
Team SISU IRON Team of 4

Next Event: Friday April 26th - Sunday April 28th 2024

SISU 24 Ultra PNW - Choose Your Own Adventure Run

SISU 24 Ultra PNW

Just a few miIes away from the entrance to Mount Rainier National Park lies a camp where athletes gather to run for 24 hours, choosing their own adventure, solving puzzles, and enduring.

This is the SISU Ultra, PNW Style.

Next Event: June 29, 2024

Breakdown of Formats:

24-Hour Solo Adventure
24-Hour Team Adventure
Ultimate 100-Mile Adventure


10 Year Anniversary // SISU Iron


"Keys to Finish the Iron"

1. Know your “Why” 
2. Prepare mentally that you will finish! 
3. Smile 
4. Encourage others 
5. Help others when you can (if they look like they need help, they probably do and won’t ask for it because it’s the IRON) 
6. Be selfless 
7. Ask for help 
8. Dial in your gear and nutrition to make transitions simple, fast, non-stressful and give you more time to rest 
9. Thank your volunteers, spectators and Race Directors as much as possible
10. Listen to what the Race Directors say.

Ryan Tworek 6x Spike Finisher

SISU 24 PNW. Was such a brutal and awesome event! The trails were beautiful, the climbs were steep, but most important everyone there was super supportive and loving of each other. It definitely goes up there as one of my favorite ultras I have been able to do. I can’t wait to go back next year, and go for a hundred miles.

Eric Estrada SISU 24 PNW 2019 Winner

 "I knew doing something like the Iron would be outside my comfort zone, which is why I ultimately signed up in the first place. The newness scared me (bring an axe? I never chopped wood before!), which is why I needed to do the Iron. I've learned in my years of doing endurance events that you have to do the things that scare you because it's the best way to grow. One of the worst things you can do in life is stagnate, and the only way to avoid that is to constantly step outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself. And boy, what a challenge! I came from this experience richer than before. I definitely learned a lot as I experienced the Iron (skills learned, how far one can go), but the true benefit was meeting all of you.

To my fellow finishers, congrats on a job well done. This event was not easy, and to make it to the end demonstrated a level of perseverance and grit that must be commended. I also appreciated how we all supported each other throughout the race whenever our paths crossed. To my fellow racers who turned in your bib, keep your head help up high. Do NOT view this as a failure. I hope you view this experience as a learning opportunity instead. You stepped outside your comfort zone and attempted something that most people would be afraid to do. Learn from the experience, and use that to motivate yourself to be a better person. To the staff and volunteers, thank you for providing help to the event. Running such an intense event was not easy, and I acknowledge all the hard work you guys put in to make the event run smooth. You are appreciated!"

Jonathan Hurtado 2019 Finisher